God’s Wonderful Work When We Are Weak

A Prayer

Lord, do You ever feel worn out at the end of Your day? I know as truth that You’re not limited by space, time, or power. I also know my human capacity for endurance is weak. Lord, I need to know You are with me in everything. Jon’s struggles ebb and flow like the vast ocean currents—sweeping waves of anxiety, unrestrained compulsions, and tic storms. Those ferocious tics . . . insatiable and unrelenting, the unexplainable turbulent forces which cause him pain . . . oh, Lord, I need to know You are with him too.

Lord, in my human suffering, I wonder how You feel when You look at us. I know humanity is not as You created it to be. I also know You are with us when our hearts grieve through trials outside our control. Insufferable and knotted—such are the passageways of the weak. Lord, the afflictions You allow sometimes seem senseless but they lead to a rich freedom I can’t put into words. You have chosen to bless me, to attend to my every need, to keep my feet steady and my heart safe through these serrated valleys of darkness.

Tonight, Lord, as You have reminded me once again of Your unfailing love, I ask You to grant such grace to all Your children suffering through difficult seasons. You are overflowing with grace and mercy! May all who suffer praise Your name and bring honor to You as the God of all things. Lord, You hear the petitions of Your children. Speak to our hearts and lead us to pray. Grant us peace beyond our ability to understand. I love You.


If you too are in the thick of adversity, read the Lord’s words in Lamentations 3:22–23. Whisper this prayer and know that He always hears you, His love never ceases, and His faithfulness never ends:

“I, (your name), am weary. I, (your name), need You to lift my soul and give me hope. Remind me again that Your mercies are new every morning. Allow me to say, ‘My hope has returned because my Lord has been faithful to me.’”

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Colleen Swindoll serves as director of Special Needs Ministries at Insight for Living. From the personal challenges of raising a child with disabilities (her third child, Jonathan), Colleen desires to offer help and hope through writing and counseling to those facing disabling and despairing trials.