Komal Subhadheer Vempati

Komal Subhadheer Vempati joined our ministry as the Pastor of Telugu Language in India. Subhadheer graduated with a ThM degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in May of 2018. Although the ministry had translation work in India years ago, Subhadheer is the first pastor in India that works directly for IFL. He is currently translating articles for the Telugu website and is preparing to translate and record Chuck’s sermons.

Subhadheer and his wife Usha, along with his parents, live in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. He serves as an Assistant Pastor at Andhra Bible Chapel and also is the organiser of his Dad’s “Grace Galaxy Music Ministries,” which aims at reaching people with the gospel message through music platform. He occasionally speaks at different churches in his home-city.

“People in my country are very religious, seeking God in everything but are caught up in man-made traditions and practices. Many are going to the extent of afflicting their bodies to go to heaven but are left without peace. Only Jesus Christ offers the peace that humanity is seeking, and He alone is the way, the truth, and the life. Our aim at Insight for Living is to take this message of hope and grace to those who are looking for meaning in their lives and give them the knowledge concerning our Saviour by searching the Scriptures.” – Komal Subhadheer Vempati