Sexual Abuse

sexual abuse

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Sexual abuse stands as one of the most devastating sins that human beings have devised, leaving deep scars and unspeakable pain. Victims of sexual abuse have had much taken from them; Jesus Christ and His church have much to offer in response.

Sexual abuse at its heart involves an individual taking advantage of the helpless and the powerless. God has never wavered on this issue throughout Scripture, condemning the sin of those who take advantage of the “lesser” in society and calling on His church to protect and serve those in need (Isaiah 1:23; James 1:27). The body of Christ has a reponsibility to offer protection, guidance, and healing for the victims of suffering in this world.

These resources, sermons, and articles can help point the way to understanding, comfort, and healing as you seek to deal with the effects of sexual abuse in your own life . . . or in the life of someone you know.

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