Pornography use has reached epidemic proportions. The “red-light district” that once occupied the “seedy” side of town has paved a highway into our homes via the Internet. If an adult bookstore were being built across the street from where we live or worship, we’d form a committee to fight it immediately. Yet pornographers have set up shop inside our homes, schools, and workplaces—anywhere people use computers or handheld devices to connect to the Web.

What can we do to protect our families? What can we do to guard our own hearts from being caught in the web of lust? And if we’re struggling, how can we break free?

The resources on this page will give hope to anyone who wants to find freedom. You’ll find informative articles, helpful action plans, and a list of tools to make surfing the Web safe for you and your family.

Start the “Shield Your Eyes” Bible Study

To help those trapped by pornography to find freedom, we’ve created a free four-lesson Bible study, “Shield Your Eyes, Guard Your Heart.”

This PDF resource is designed to be used with an accountability partner and is available for download.

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